Pedestrian Access Control


Access Control

For locations that demand stringent pedestrian access control, our range of barriers offers optimal solutions tailored to meet specific needs. From Full Height Turnstiles to Tripods, we offer various configurations designed for interior and exterior applications. Our Outdoor Rated Turnstile options guarantee durable performance even in challenging weather conditions, thereby ensuring uninterrupted security operations.

Our pedestrian barriers come with built-in RFID and QR code readers, offering quick and secure identification processes. These options add an extra layer of security, helping you manage foot traffic with ease and efficiency.

What sets our Turnstiles and Speed Gates apart is their plug-and-play integration capabilities. The systems are designed to be easily integrated with any third-party system, whether an existing security setup or a new implementation. This flexibility means you can add our pedestrian access controls to your existing ecosystem without incurring costly customization or downtime.

Our barriers are ideal for a wide range of applications, from corporate lobbies and educational campuses to public transportation hubs and sports venues. Configured for high-throughput and heavy-duty use, our barriers combine efficiency with robust construction, providing a reliable solution for any pedestrian access control challenge you may face.


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