Fastag Based Parking System

Fastag Based

Parking System

Our FASTag-based parking management system is a seamless integration of technology, convenience, and efficiency designed to streamline vehicle flow. With its user-friendly and systematic approach, it ensures a well-organized and smooth parking experience for all.

The car parking system revolves around the innovative use of FASTag technology. As a vehicle enters the parking facility, its FASTag is automatically read by our advanced system. This tag, linked to the vehicle’s account, records the entry time, enabling a transparent and fair billing system based on the duration of parking.

Upon exiting, the FASTag is scanned by our automated parking system, calculating the precise parking fee, eliminating human error, and facilitating a streamlined payment process. The fee is automatically deducted from the FASTag account, providing a hassle-free exit for users without the need for manual payment methods.

Our solution is fortified with sophisticated security features, safeguarding the vehicles within your facility. It includes integrated security mechanisms such as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), deterring unauthorized access and exit. Moreover, our solution is meticulously crafted to ensure compatibility, allowing seamless integration with third-party security systems through APIs. This empowers us to offer a customized security solution tailored to meet your specific requirements, instilling peace of mind in both the operator and the user, ensuring your parking facility is not only efficient but also secure.


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