Gate Barrier System

Gate Barrier


Our Gate Barrier is a state-of-the-art solution tailored for efficient access management across various environments, whether commercial spaces or private properties. Catering to diverse site requirements, these barriers can be availed in lengths varying from 2m to 6m.

The Parking Barrier comes with an articulation kit to cater to the locations facing height constraints, ensuring adaptability without any loss of function. The barriers are further enhanced by RGB LED strips placed on the boom, adding a contemporary flair and ensuring heightened visibility during dim lighting conditions.

Renowned for their resilience, our Boom Barriers promise a 100% duty cycle, making them ideal for bustling areas such as shopping centers, corporate hubs, and residential complexes. The durability quotient gets further accentuated with our Heavy Duty Barriers, meticulously engineered to stand strong even in the most challenging situations.

What sets our barriers apart is their seamless integrability. They effortlessly blend with parking management, diverse access control, and fire detection systems. This integrative capacity reiterates that our Gate Barrier System is not merely an access checkpoint but a beacon of safety, efficiency, and unwavering reliability.


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