Video Analytics Based Vehicle Counting System

Video Analytics Based

Vehicle Counting System

Our Video Analytics based Vehicle Counting System revolutionizes parking management, particularly for expansive open lots. The system is designed to oversee the complete parking area in real time by employing sophisticated AI cameras mounted at elevated vantage points. This method goes beyond traditional parking systems that merely focus on tracking vehicles entering and exiting the facility.

These advanced AI cameras work in synergy with our proprietary video analytics algorithms. The algorithms sift through the real-time footage, calculating the number of empty spaces available with remarkable accuracy. This sophisticated process allows for an innovative approach to Smart Parking Solutions, giving a comprehensive, bird’s-eye view of parking occupancy.

The information is then sent to a cloud server, ensuring that data regarding parking availability is always up-to-date. This data is used to populate digital signboards situated throughout the parking facility. These signboards are essential in directing drivers to available parking spaces, thereby minimizing the time spent searching for a spot, reducing vehicle emissions, and enhancing the overall parking experience.

In addition to its state-of-the-art technological foundation, the system is highly resilient and capable of delivering consistent performance in various lighting and weather conditions. By offering such comprehensive and reliable information, our Video Analytics based Vehicle Counting System makes parking more efficient and significantly elevates the user experience. Experience the future of parking management today with this cutting-edge solution.


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